Hi, and welcome to my new Fine Art site.
Thanks for dropping by 🙂

This includes work that’s intended for exhibition and print sales. Much of it is experimental – but I started down this path because of one experimental shoot.

I’m hoping to set up a ‘shop’ area soon, but feel free to contact me if there’s an image you’d be interested in buying. I’ll also be setting up a mailing list, if you want to know first about new edition releases.
And I’ve lots more developments to the site in mind (mostly under-the-bonnet stuff) – as well as getting more shoots organised – so I’m going to be busy.

This is a fairly new world for me, so I’ll be experimenting with print sizes, pricing, outlet channels and exclusivity.

If things start to work, I may also be experimenting with different print processes.

I’ve already taught myself how to make frames for my images (and they don’t seem to fall apart), so this is all good, new stuff to keep me fresh.

All in all, it’s got me quite excited.

Just before I end, thanks to all those who’ve helped me on this project : especially the lovely models (each of whom has brought her own character to the shoot), and to my friends who’ve been so supportive and helpful on bringing this venture to life.

November 2019