Kinomorphic model briefing

These are long exposures – between 2 and 10 seconds. All the effects are in-camera – I just correct exposure and contrast in editing, and crop the composition, to keep a very organic mood.

The parts of the subject that don’t move (obviously) register more light. So a quick change of position during the shot will register twice, whereas a smooth change will register a blur. Both can be interesting.

Even the parts of you that stay still will have a softened effect.

The studio has a fan, which can create an interesting effect with light fabrics or long hair.

I’ll need a model release form to be completed.


I bring lots of organzas (and some ‘ballerina’ skirts) to work with, but classic/period sheers (or even cottons) could be interesting as well.

French knickers or white stockings (hold-ups) might work (I’ve not tried them).

I think simple makeup works well with these – strong colours can dominate in the images, creating smears. Hair – loose and natural-looking. I think soft curls work quite well.

I don’t do any detail-level photoshopping on these images, as it would ruin the organic feel.

If possible, please use plain / muted nailpolish.

Please avoid metal jewellery, as this can can create reflective streaks.


There are a number of themes evolving from these shoots.
But please don’t think you have to copy other shoots – bring your own ideas 🙂

My first objective was to try and get an Impressionist, painterly feel, but different models bring their own moods.

We’ve tried some classical poses :

On some of the images, the movement itself creates a form.

And we’ve even managed some very abstract compositions :
(I’d like to get more of these)

Elle’s shoot also gave us some interesting contrasts between her contemporary, strong looks and a ‘vintage’ image treatment :


Things work very slowly on these shoots.

The camera’s mounted on a tripod, and all of the lenses I’m using are manual focus, so there’s quite a bit of changing around between shot setups – please be patient with me 🙂


I’m also experimenting with pinhole photographs.

These create a different effect again, but exposures can be 15 seconds.