Zulu Lives exhibition

A lot of my time over the last few months has been working on a College project with UK Hip-Hop Heritage, towards an exhibition at The Public in West Bromwich.

Well, we’re finally just about there, and Zulu Lives opens tomorrow (or – as it is now – later on today).

For me, this involved two portrait shoots, one in Nottingham and one in the College studio, photographing the pioneers of Hip-Hop (which now, rather frighteningly, is hitting its 30th birthday).

Seven of my portraits are included in the exhibit, and I’m really pleased with the way they’ve turned out. (I’ve held off on posting a portfolio until the show’s live, but it will turn up before long).

But the most interesting (and, not surprisingly, the most time-consuming) challenge was putting together a video of a freestyle session, following a “Masterclass” in the College theatre; some of the Old School dancers, some younger guys who’re keeping the legacy alive, and some of the College students.
This was a wonderful, life-affirming session – it even made my creaky bones want to shuffle around (not a good thing when filming!). We had four cameras on the event, and I think we’ve captured the tremendous atmosphere.
And I still seem to be smiling when I finish an editing session.

The next step is to get clearance for the music…
On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to doing more video work…