I regularly take on TF ("Time for ..") shoots, but this is at my discretion.

Things I'll be looking for :

  • Will it benefit my portfolio ?
    I don't do wedding shoots, for example, so a bridal shoot isn't really for me.
  • Is it an interesting concept ?
    Have you got a different, creative idea for the shoot ? (If it's just "fashion" or "beauty", then I'm afraid I'll want a bit more detail.)
    How much creative input will I have ?
    Have you got an MUA / HMUA / stylist involved ? (I can try and arrange one, but there may be a cost).
  • Can I rely on you to deliver ?
    Are you agency signed ?
    Do you have a portfolio site already (send me a link) ?
    Do you have references on (for example) Purpleport or MadCowModels ?

You don't have to tick all the boxes, but all this helps me to decide.

Other things I'd like to know for planning the shoot - let me know your age / sizes / height / levels (none of these are normally showstoppers).
However, you must be over 18. I may ask for ID if there's any doubt.

I shoot to a maximum of art nude (no full-frontal) - but I'm happy to work to your levels, of course.

Please bear in mind that it can take me a week or two to edit images from a shoot, so it's quite a commitment. And the studio rent needs paying.
If I don't accept your TF proposal, I may suggest a paid or part-TF shoot (we can negotiate on that).

Studio or location ?

I'm happy to work in the studio, or on location (providing the weather's reasonable).

I’ve written another post about the studio, if you want more details.
A pickup is available from central Birmingham, if you ask.

Underwater shoots

All of my underwater shoots are TF - I don't make money from them - but I will expect a contribution to help cover pool rental and MUA costs.
This will normally be about £20-30.
I can't direct you underwater, of course, so the more modelling experience you have, the better. You need to know your angles, poses and expressions, and to be able to move into them without thinking.

After the shoot ... and small print

I'll give you a link to a page on my website, where you can select images for editing.
You'll have a user-id and password, so only you (and the rest of the team on the shoot) can see the images.
You'll see all of the images that are usable - I don't hold any back.
Don't share at theis point.
We can agree the number of images you can choose to be edited, but it will normally be between 6 and 10, depending on the length of the shoot, and the amount of variety in the images.
You can 'veto' any images you don't want shared.

From your selected images - and any that I decide to edit for myself - I'll produce edited, watermarked, digital images, suitable for sharing on social media or portfolio sites.
These will be shared on another page (again, your user-id won't change), where you can download to a computer, or email to your mobile device.
I'll normally produce 2-3 variants of each image.
Prints are available on request, at an extra cost (I won't rip you off). These are C-Type prints, from a professional lab.

You can use the images on social media and portfolio sites, providing you credit or tag all of the team involved (this is good manners).
You don't have exclusive use of the images, of course.
Any members of the creative team can share any of the edited images, again, providing credit is given (this helps your social media reach, so it's to your benefit).
The images aren't to be used on pay sites, such as Patreon or OnlyFans, although we can negotiate an arrangement if you want to do this.
I'll always credit you (unless you ask otherwise) when I share images.

I'll always leave a reference (although sometimes I'm a bit slow).
I hope that you'll do the same for me.

If you'd like to work through some ideas, or to ask about a shoot, then you can get in touch through my contact page, through social media, or through Purpleport.

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