My Facebook Page

I’ve set up a business Facebook page, for a number of reasons.

  • For people I promise a “share”, then this gives me an easy way to get it into the social media without too much faffing around. This applies particularly to bands I photograph (and whom I may not meet again for ages).
  • So if you see your photo on my Facebook page, please feel free to tag yourself and to share it – with the (hopefully, discreet) watermark. If you’d like a higher res image  without the watermark (for a more than reasonable fee) or a print, please get in touch.
  • It’ll also give me a chance to tell a few more stories, and to link through to people I’ve been working with.
  • … and when they have stories to tell (sometimes about me !), it’ll be more easy to share them.

This is still going to be my main portfolio site, however.