Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul 2014

I managed a couple of days of the Mostly Jazz Festival (or as it now is, the Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul Festival). A couple of days in the sunshine, listening to some Jazz and catching acts like the Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Mavis Staples …

I wasn’t covering this for anyone, so I can write a few comments on  a few of the bands this time. I wasn’t taking note, though, so these are written from memory.

The weather was tremendous, and Saturday was Craig Charles’ 50th birthday. So he was enjoying himself…









Radio Riddler

mjz14_5898 mjz14_5898

mjz14_5901 mjz14_5901

mjz14_5899 mjz14_5899

mjz14_5904 mjz14_5904

mjz14_5906 mjz14_5906

mjz14_5900 mjz14_5900

mjz14_5909 mjz14_5909

mjz14_5911 mjz14_5911

mjz14_5907 mjz14_5907

mjz14_13350 mjz14_13350

mjz14_5913 mjz14_5913

mjz14_13352 mjz14_13352

Fun Lovin Criminals

mjz14_13371 mjz14_13371

mjz14_6064 mjz14_6064

mjz14_6052 mjz14_6052

mjz14_6048 mjz14_6048

mjz14_13369 mjz14_13369

mjz14_6047 mjz14_6047

mjz14_6000 mjz14_6000

mjz14_6042 mjz14_6042

mjz14_5992 mjz14_5992

mjz14_6038 mjz14_6038

mjz14_13368 mjz14_13368

mjz14_6005 mjz14_6005

mjz14_6033 mjz14_6033

mjz14_5998 mjz14_5998

mjz14_6029 mjz14_6029

mjz14_6012 mjz14_6012

mjz14_5985 mjz14_5985

mjz14_6007 mjz14_6007

mjz14_6010 mjz14_6010

mjz14_6003 mjz14_6003

mjz14_5983 mjz14_5983

mjz14_5995 mjz14_5995

mjz14_5990 mjz14_5990

mjz14_5984 mjz14_5984

mjz14_13370 mjz14_13370

mjz14_6002 mjz14_6002

mjz14_6022 mjz14_6022

mjz14_6050 mjz14_6050

Mavis Staples

mjz14_6951 mjz14_6951

mjz14_6964 mjz14_6964

mjz14_6966 mjz14_6966

mjz14_6955 mjz14_6955

mjz14_6977 mjz14_6977

mjz14_6998 mjz14_6998

mjz14_6971 mjz14_6971

mjz14_7039 mjz14_7039

mjz14_7005 mjz14_7005

mjz14_6999 mjz14_6999

mjz14_7041 mjz14_7041

mjz14_7004 mjz14_7004

mjz14_13452 mjz14_13452

mjz14_7008 mjz14_7008

mjz14_7009 mjz14_7009

mjz14_7038 mjz14_7038

mjz14_7010 mjz14_7010

mjz14_7023 mjz14_7023

mjz14_7031 mjz14_7031

mjz14_7033 mjz14_7033

mjz14_7042 mjz14_7042

mjz14_7076 mjz14_7076

mjz14_7043 mjz14_7043

mjz14_7083 mjz14_7083

mjz14_7050 mjz14_7050

mjz14_7051 mjz14_7051

mjz14_13455 mjz14_13455

mjz14_7054 mjz14_7054

mjz14_7081 mjz14_7081

mjz14_7066 mjz14_7066

mjz14_7069 mjz14_7069

mjz14_7085 mjz14_7085

mjz14_7095 mjz14_7095

mjz14_7155 mjz14_7155

mjz14_7101 mjz14_7101

mjz14_7104 mjz14_7104

mjz14_7169 mjz14_7169

mjz14_7173 mjz14_7173

mjz14_9846 mjz14_9846

mjz14_9848 mjz14_9848

mjz14_9852 mjz14_9852

mjz14_13452 mjz14_13452

mjz14_7135 mjz14_7135

mjz14_9858 mjz14_9858