Moseley Folk Festival, 2014

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I managed a couple of days at the Moseley Folk festival (couldn't make the Friday night - which had Johnny Marr headlining). I'm not going to do much of a write-up for this - you can read Daron Billings' report (and see Wayne's photos) on the GigJunkies report .

It's a couple of years since I've been to the festival, and it's turning into a more eclectic event, with some really innovative music at the edge of (and probably beyond) the traditional (hah) definitions of "Folk".

Arc Iris and Stealing Sheep (in particular) are creating some really original music, while Lau, The Felice Brothers and Lisa Knapp are all innovating from inside the conventions of the tradition.

It's maybe worth an aside that there was a lot of slide guitar (and - more unusually - steel guitar) around at the festival. From Chickenbone John ...

... Lau ...

... Tom Hickox's guitarist, Justin Quinn ...

… even Stealing Sheep got in on the act …

... and of course, the daddy of them all, B.J. Cole, playing with Dan Whitehouse (check out his Wikipedia CV, if you've not heard of him)

Anyway … here are the photos

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Richard Thompson



The Rails

Stealing Sheep

Arc Iris


The Felice Brothers

Miles Hunt & Erica Knockalls

Boat to Row

Georgia Ruth

Lisa Knapp

Tom Hickox

Marissa Nadler

Boo Hewardine

The Old Dance School

Ólöf Arnalds

Cannon Street

Lisa O'Neill

Dan Whitehouse

ChickenBone John

Zervas & Pepper

Deborah Rose

Lords of Thyme

Olion Byw