Birmingham Jazz Festival 2012 – Photo Gallery

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Time to chill out after finishing the College year, and the Jazz festival was starting up.

One regular venue was the Mall in Sutton Coldfield. Despite the dreadful - albeit intermittent - rain that kept cropping up, the temperature was always mild and the location under cover, so you could sit and get a coffee while the music played.

So the bands featured in this page include (in order of performance ) :

Greg Abate with the John Patrick Trio

Spats Langham Hot Fingers

Dixie Ticklers

the Arthur Brown Jazz Band

BB Swing (at the Old Contemptibles in Birmingham)

Tad Newton's Jazz Friends

52 Skidoo (in Victoria Square, Birmingham)

Les Zauto Stompers

Tipitina (at the Station, Sutton Coldfield).

Gallery Index :

BB Swing at the Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

Tipitina at The Station pub, Sutton Coldfield

Tad Newton's Jazz Friends at the Mall, Sutton Coldfield

52 Skidoo in Victoria Square, Birmingham

Greg Abate and John Patrick Trio at the Mall, Sutton Coldfield

Spats Langham Hot Fingers at the Mall, Sutton Coldfield.

Les Zauto Stompers at the Mall, Sutton Coldfield.

Arthur Brown Jazz Band at The Mall, Sutton Coldfield